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        On 29th Oct. 2011, Apureda International (group) hold "Upgrade desiccant air dryer industry, Control the future" Second Apureda Zero loss equipment Performance & Sale training session in Shanghai Days Hotel. This is the second training session after the first training session was held in august with the same theme, and this time, the effect is much better.

The lecturer is Mr. Dick who is from Holland and is employed by Apureda group. Mr. Dick is the expert specializing in the desiccant air dryer design, and once he was the technical general manager in the famous enterprise Delair which history is more than 70 years. Many senior leaders and technical engineers from design institutes and famous enterprise attend this training session. Following the energy conservation & emission reduction plan of China national "12th five-year plan", Mr. Dick carefully introduce the international advance idea and knowledge of design、manufacture、maintenance of blower heat desiccant air dryer、heat of compression desiccant air dryer and natural gas dryer. During the training process, participants actively join in the discussion, and Mr. Dick answers them detailedly. To feed back the industry delegates’ interest, desiccant air dryer department manager also introduces the marketing idea of Apureda desiccant air dryer and cooperation details.

According to the industry delegates’ requirements, other department managers, including industry-collector business department、air compressor filter elements business department、air compressor special lubrication business department,  respectively introduce their own major products and cooperation details. Participants know these products much deeper, and strengthen the cooperation intention.

This training session is the successful trial of Apureda continually promoting industry upgrade, and strengthening the deeper cooperation. Every senior leader says that they will pay attention to the next step action of Apureda filter industry, and promote the domestic development of top filter equipment together with Apureda group.

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